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Thank you for volunteering your time and efforts.  Volunteers are essential to maintaining a positive and instructive experience for our players and families. The Club would not exist without volunteers like you. 

Please review the Team website instructions and coaching duties both contained on the web page Coach Roles and Responsibilites.
All coaches must complete the online Coach Registration program annuallyFor more information about the Club's requirements see the Training and Qualifications web page. Coaches should begin the registration process and return to the on-line Coach registration program to update training information as certifications are completed.  The Club will reimburse the costs of the US Lacrosse membership and training for those Coaches who complete the on-line registration program, background check and the minimum required certifications.



1) Start the online Registration process from the link at the bottom of the page.  

2Verify the age notification and Continue.

3) Sign In to the user account of the adult registering.    (If you know the email address but forgot your password, the system can email you a password upon request.  If you have forgotten the email address for your account, email the Board secretary for assistance.)

If the adult registering does NOT have his/her own site account, sign in using the adult email address and the corresponding account password previously used to register your related child. You will be able to add an adult to your family account using the instructions below.  NOTE:  if your children have ever registered with MLC, do NOT create a new family account at this point in the process. Start with your existing family account used to register your children to maintain linkages between your family adults and your children.

4) After you have signed in, you will see the list of your family members.  Select the adult coach or manager to register and click Register.  If the adult you are registering is not listed, click  Add Adult.  Complete at least the 1) required information indicated by the character, 2) Email Address and 3) Date of Birth. Click Submit at bottom of page and resume the registration process.

5) 1st, During the registration you will be directed to a background check application. You must agree to a background check (the costs of which will be billed directly to the Club). If your back ground check is already active, just follow the link back the the Club's LeagueAthletics registration process. If not, provide the requested information then follow the redirect link back to the Club's website. 2nd, You will be directed to the US Lacrosse website to renew that membership if it expires before then end of the season. Pay for the membership and keep your receipt.  Follow the redirect link back to the Clubs registration process. 3rd, Next, from the Club website, you will be asked to provide/update various coaching information.  4th, After completing the registration questions and inputs, click Submit at bottom of page.
If you do not reach this last Submit page, your registraton is incomplete.  Restart the process being careful during the steps to follow the links back to the Club website process.
6) Return to this on-line Coach registration program to update training information as certifications are completed.


7) After paying for the USL membership and completing the minimum required certifications, submit your reciepts to the Club Treasurer for reimbursment. 


Begin Coaches Registration