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The cost of the game uniform is NOT included in the season’s registration fee. All players, grades 3 through 8, are required to wear the Club uniform for games.  

Instructional league players in K through 2nd grade will use their Club provided practice pinnie in games.  After the season, players retain the practice pinnie for the next season.   

(New players are issued a practice pinnie to wear for practiceThere is not a separate charge for the initial practice pinnie.  If players outgrow their pinnie, they can order a new one through the Club Uniform Coordinator.)

Jersey numbers

Jersey numbers are assigned based on high school graduation year.  Players that will graduate in an even number year will be assigned an even numbered jersey, while players graduating in an odd number year will be assigned an odd numbered jersey. Before acquiring another jersey, please read the Club policy.
Purchase Game Uniform  

Details regarding uniform purchase will be available soon.