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Optional Purchase

The Club offers Boys and Girls Helmet Wraps, custom designed for the Mason Lacrosse Club. 

  • Individual orders will be collected on-line then bulk ordered by the Club from the manufacturer.  
  • Wrap is an adhesive decal that will come with instructions for placing it on the helmet.
  • Shipped to the Club and distributed to those players who have placed an order.  (No home shipping.)   
  • Costs $35 for boys wrap and $17 for Girls wrap.
  • Credit card only, at time of order.
  • Wrap changes the “look” of the helmet.  It does not provide any protection.

      Boys White helmet after wrapped:                                  Boys Green or Black helmet after wrapped:  


        Girls helmet after wrapped:


RETURN POLICY: NO RETURNS (these Wraps are custom to Mason Lacrosse Club and your helmet type)

To order, log in with your existing parent/guardian account, select your player, confirm his account information, select your helmet model and "Submit" your order.

You must know your helmet brand and model when ordering.  Order carefully, the Wrap is designed specifically for each helmet brand and model.    Girls wraps are for the Cascade LX model only.

If you do not see your helmet brand and model during the order process, we probably do not have a Wrap for it.  Contact   if you have questions or concerns.