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7/8 and 5/6 Divisions


  • Location:  Mason High School Multi-Purpose and Football Turf Fields
  • Cost: $325 per team, registration and payment deadline is September 25, 2022
  • Games will be played on a short-sided field with 5 field players and a goalie
  • The tournament is a Pool Play format, every team plays four (4) games - No Championship Brackets
  • There will be 3 points for win, 1 for tie, 0 for loss. The team with highest number of points will win their division (not goals)
  • If necessary, a tie breaker after 4 games will be 1) the head-to-head result 2) if teams did not play each other, or three teams tied then the lowest goals allowed from 4 games is used 3) Coin Flip
  • Games are on a central clock and will be 24 minutes in length (two 12 minute halves) with a 3 minute halftime and a 3 minute transition time.
  • 7/8 games will have modified checking, 5/6 games will have no checking and two (2) attempted passes
  • There are no timeouts
  • There will be no restraining lines and no off-sides – all players can play offense and defense
  • After a goal, the goalie gets a FREE clear to her teammates. However, if the goalie makes a save, the opposing team can guard the goalie and/or field players and she will NOT have a free clear
  • Each half will start with a draw
  • Games will begin every 30 minutes – There will be no warm-up time. Be 3-5 minutes early to every game. If a team is not ready to go, the opposing team will start with the ball at midfield.
  • There will be no 8-meter shots
  • For fouls in the 8-meter area, the offensive player will be placed at approximately 8 meters away from the goal and it will be an indirect pass is required
  • Fouls outside the 8-meter area will be direct offensive opportunities
  • Yellow cards are a 1-minute penalty, and the team plays with a man down
  • Substitutions can be made at anytime
  • Field monitors or coaches will keep score on sideline scoreboards
  • Games can end in a tie
  • All other US Lacrosse rules apply for each age group
  • One US Lacrosse certified official per game
  • The officials ruling on the field is the final ruling
  • A professional trainer will be onsite
  • All players must have a valid US Lacrosse membership
  • Multiple teams from one program are welcome
  • Tournament T-Shirts/Sweatshirts will be available  

To register a team please go to this link:  REGISTER!!!

Registration and full payment deadline is September 25th, 2022

Rosters, US Lacrosse numbers and Waivers are due by September 30th, 2022

Waiver Link

Roster Link

Game schedules will be sent to coaches by October 4th, 2022

The Fall Classic will proceed as planned during wind, rain, sleet or snow.  No refunds will be given on the day of the event due to weather related events or uncontrollable circumstances

In the event that the Fall Classic is canceled prior to October 9th, 2022 all teams will receive a 100% refund


For additional information or questions please contact:

Dan Rossetti at Masonlaxgirlsvp@gmail.com or 513-417-9903

Michelle Schumm at michelleschumm@hotmail.com