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All boys are required to wear full protective gear while playing lacrosse.  Even though injury rates for lacrosse are not unusually high, lacrosse is a contact sport.  All players must wear the following items in order to participate in ANY practices, games or evaluations:
Lacrosse Helmet (white color recommended)
Lacrosse Gloves
Elbow Pads
Shoulder Pads/Chest Protector
Lacrosse Stick
Cleats (football or soccer style – no metal cleats)
Mouth guard
Protective cup
It is recommended that all Middle School players have two sticks.  Both should be broken in to play, but one will serve as a backup in the event of broken stringing or a broken shaft during practice or a game. 

It is also recommended that all players purchase sticks with a MESH pocket rather than a traditional pocket.  Mesh breaks in much faster and is easier to maintain for beginners.  The most expensive stick is not necessarily the best stick for a beginner.  These tend to be better suited to the skills of an advanced player.
ALL players should have two mouth guards.  Please form both and have with you at all times in case you lose one.  Players will not be allowed to play without a mouthguard.

It is recommended to get an equipment bag and keep a roll of standard athletic tape in it.

Get a couple of lax balls so you can practice at home (NOT INDOORS!).

DO NOT purchase equipment to play defense or goalie positions unless you have spoken to your coach.
  • Goalie Equipment is issued to the goalies by the club and returned at the end of the season.
  • Mason Lacrosse Club does not encourage the use of long sticks for defensive positions until Middle School (grades 7/8) level of play with some exceptions at the 5/6 grade level.  It should be noted that Defensive long sticks are not allowed at the lower youth 3/4 grade level.  Players must be experienced and capable of handling a long stick.  It is more important to successfully master your footwork and stick skills at the youth level without a long pole in order to be a successful defender in High School & College.    However, depending on the athlete's skill and size, exceptions may be made at the 5th & 6th grade level.  Please discuss with the 5/6 Boys Program Coordinator prior to purchasing a defensive long stick.
Where do I get my equipment?
Please note that the Velocity Lacrosse store at VOA (off Cox Road) in West Chester is aware of the appropriate equipment for Mason teams.  Just tell them you are a member of the Mason Lacrosse Club and they will ensure you have the proper team colors and the right equipment for you.   They also offer various discounts throughout the year for Mason Lacrosse Club players.  Dick’s Sporting Goods or Play It Again Sports are good local options, however they rarely have specific lacrosse knowledge like what is available at the Velocity store.
Message to New Players regarding equipment
In order to keep costs down, we suggest purchasing good used equipment for the beginning player.  The only piece of equipment we do not suggest purchasing used is a helmet (unless you know it is in good condition and fits properly). We strongly suggest you purchase your equipment a few months prior to needing it.  Must USED equipment is no longer available after the first of the year and if you need to order a helmet or other equipment, you need to allot enough time for your sons equipment to be here prior to the first practice.
Where can I get used equipment?
  • The “Equipment 4 Sale” tab feature on our website - You must check the website regularly as items are posted for sale and sold quickly.  This is a great way for beginners/new players to obtain some very good bargains on our site from other Mason Lacrosse Club members/players and Mason HS players.  All transactions are between the buyer and seller.
  • Velocity Lacrosse sells used equipment on consignment.
  • Play It Again Sports - There are several locations in the vicinity.  To locate stores in the area:  http://playitagainsports.com/locations.aspx?s=OH

Lacrosse Season:  In general, the official lacrosse league season starts in February and lasts throughout May.  Practices are based on field availability and coach’s availability.  Practice and game schedules are not known or released until February.

  • Youth Boys (grades K-2) - Practices are typically 1 times per week at the Youth level with all Youth Boys games generally played on Saturday mornings  (occasionally games may be scheduled on a Sunday or makeup games on a week night depending on field & official availability).  Games are officiated by coaches and are geared to be instructional and learning opportunities. Games typically start late March/early April 
  • Youth Boys (grades 3-6) - Practices are typically 1-3 times per week at the Youth level with all Youth Boys games generally played on Sunday afternoons (occasionally games may be scheduled on a Saturday or makeup games on a week night depending on field & official availability).
  • Middle School Boys (grades 7-8) – Practices and games are typically during the weekdays/nights.  They typically practice on the week days they do not have a scheduled game.  They may also have an occasional practice or game on Saturdays and/or Sunday depending on weather and field availability.  Occasionally a game or tournament may be scheduled on the weekend.
Please note that at the coach’s discretion, some teams may choose to participate in additional tournaments between April and July.  In addition, OPTIONAL indoor practices may occur prior to February.  Additional lacrosse tournaments and optional indoor practices are not included in the Mason Lacrosse Club registration fees (however, please note that these additional fees are typically not that expensive). 

Official Mason Lacrosse Club practices begin in February (both indoors & outdoors) with most league games commencing the 1st week of March.  Youth boys typically have a 10 game league schedule while Middle School boys typically have a 15-16 game league schedule.

What do I wear?  Dress for the weather!  It is COLD in February/March and we practice outdoors.  Dress in layers but not so you can not move.  Sometimes it can get very muddy.  Parents…be prepared to take your child home covered in mud (have blankets and garbage bags available for your car).
In the later part of the season, it can get very HOT so dress accordingly.  Make sure you have an adequate amount of water at every practice & game to stay hydrated.
Be prepared!  

More Information 
  • US Lacrosse's Website on Equipment
  • Equipment forums at http://www.lacrosseforums.com/
  • Looking for used equipment?  
          Mason Lacrosse has an equipment exchange HERE.   
               Use it to post and look for used gear.
          Or Contact Velocity Lacrosse to consign your gear at their store.  Details HERE
  • Lacrosse Equipment may be purchased in this area at Velocity Lacrosse, Dick's Sporting Goods or Play-It-Again Sports.