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Board Meetings

The Mason Lacrosse Club Board meets monthly to discuss topics concerning the lacrosse club. These Board meetings are open to the public.  If someone would like to discuss a specific topic, please notify the Club President, at least a week prior to the meeting date.  Contact information for all Board members can be found under the Contacts tab. Scheduled Board meetings and locations are reflected in the site Calendar.  For meeting agendas and minutes, contact the Secretary. Board meeting locations are typically a local restaurant


Coaches Meetings

Prior to the start of the spring season, the Club holds Coaches meetings to review lacrosse rule changes, USL chapter procedures, practice and game schedules, safety concerns, etc.

After the spring season ends, the Club holds an end of season Coaches meeting in conjunction with the return of playing equipment to storage at the Fortress Store and Lock.  


Annual Meeting

The Annual Membership Meeting to elect board members, occurs after the season ends usaully in June.