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Spring Registration Begins September 9th 
Registering for Spring Leagues:
Please read all these instructions through carefully before proceeding. 
Any problems with the registration process should be referred to the Club Secretary or President, Kevin Naylor at  .  Scroll downward to view all registrations. 
Note to Players:
  • All NEW Players in grades 3 through 8 must acquire a Game Uniform.  Parents can purchase a game uniform for their players at a later date.  RETURNING players may use their purchased uniforms from last year. 

Note to Returning Players:
  • If your child played with our Club last season, you already have a membership email in our system.  Please make sure that you use your email address and password from last season to register your player for the 2021 season.  Returning families should NOT register as NEW If you do not remember your password, just leave the password blank and the system will email it to you.
  • If you have changed email addresses and can't remember your password for your old email address account, please contact the Club Secretary, to reset your password and change your email address in our database.  Please Do NOT register as a NEW family or player. Doing so often results in duplicate charges.
  • NEW PLAYERS ONLY in 3rd through 8th grades will NEED to purchase a new uniform. 
All players are mandated to hold an annual membership with US Lacrosse in order to meet the requirements of the Mason Lacrosse Club By-Laws and Regulations and to secure liability insurance.  Players must pay the $30 annual US Lacrosse membership fee prior to completing the registration on the Mason Lacrosse Club website. The Season Registration system below redirects to the US Lacrosse website as needed for new and renewing players.

Costs for the Season:
    Instructional Level Players (grades K-2):    $100*
    Youth League Players (grades 3-6):           $160*
    MS League Players (grades 7-8):               $195*

* Amount includes the Base cost and $30 US Lacrosse member fee but excludes the costs of late fees, game uniforms and equipment. Uniform prices may vary based on gender and uniform styles but will cost approximately $85.00.  
Family Registration - The Club continues to give a family discount of $15 for each additional player after the first family member is paid in full.
Register On-line:
Start the registration process by selecting the "Register" button under the corresponding grade and gender information below (or select "Join Waitlist").  You will be redirected to the US Lacrosse website as that membership needs updated.  After creating/updating the player's US Lacrosse youth membership, look for the link back to Mason Lacrosse Club to complete our registration. All necessary information will be collected during the online registration process – you will not need to turn in a physical, Emergency Medical Authorization or other forms.  Instead, please make sure you enter all player and safety information completely and accurately during registration as this information will be provided to the Coaches for the season.  Recommend that you read and complete the Clubs Concussion/Injury and Sudden Cardiac Arrest policies before beginning the registration process. 
You must pay in full by credit card when completing a registration or the registration will not be saved.  After you have completed the registration for a player you will have the option to complete a registration for another player before paying online with a credit card.  Registration fees are non-refundable.  
After you have successfully completed the on-line registration process, you should have three confirmation documents:
  • A confirmation receipt from US Lacrosse confirming your membership payment.  Please keep a copy for your records.
  • An email from Mason Lacrosse Club confirming your on-line registration and outlining next steps.
  • A confirmation page verifying your payment with Merchant Plus for the Mason Lacrosse Registration fees.  Please keep a copy for your records.​
Other Registrations/Orders:
After registering for a spring team, use the links below for additional information about other registrations and orders​:

All NEW Players in grades 3 through 8 must acquire a Game Uniform.