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Mason Lacrosse Club
Super Bowl Football Square Fundraiser

Here is what you need to do:

1.    The goal for each player is to sell 10 or more tickets for $10 each

2.    Write the person’s name, phone & email on the white stub (keep the stub)

3.    Provide the green ticket with the ticket number to the person buying the ticket

4.    Week of Feb. 1st – 5th:  return the white stubs and cash or check made out to Mason Lacrosse Club.  Please write one check for the full amount.  Packets will be collected at Wall2Wall before or after practice.

5.    Football grids, including ticket number assignments, will be posted on the club website by early evening Saturday, Feb. 6th.

How do I win?

1.    Each square sold gets randomly assigned to a spot on the grid using the ticket number

2.    MLC Board Members randomly assign numbers across the top row and down the left column to form a unique number combination for each block

3.    The winner is the person whose square is the correct combination of the last digit of the NFC and AFC score in each quarter:

4.    $50 each – 1st, 2nd & 3rd quarters

5.    $100 – final score

Where does the money go?

1.    Proceeds go to the Mason Lacrosse Club to provide funding for specialized instruction & equipment

2.    Prize payouts

3.    Ticket seller prizes:

·         Sell 5 tickets = 1 regular prize drawing entry

·         Sell 10 tickets or more = 1 regular prize drawing, plus 1 entry into a special drawing which includes a $100 gift card!

Still have questions?

All proceeds benefit Mason Lacrosse Club 501(c)(3)