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Mason parents started the Club in 2004 to support the the growing excitement for lacrosse among local youth.  Membership is open to any boy or girl in Kindergarten thru 8th grade who resides within or attends a school located within, the boundaries of the Mason City School District in Southern Ohio.  The Club is a member of the US Lacrosse Southern Ohio Chapter. The Club works closely with the Mason Parks department, Mason City School and the Mason High School Boosters to provide grounds and facilitate a postive constructive experience for its members. 


Mission Statement:  The Mason Lacrosse Club is a non-profit organization that promotes the sport of lacrosse to youth residing in or attending a school located in the Mason City School District boundaries through grade-level programs open to all interested participants, by teaching good basic fundamentals, developing players through game skills and promoting good sportsmanship, respecting all participants and focusing on teamwork, and cooperating with the Mason High School lacrosse programs.

Our goal is not to promote individuals, but to promote skill development, sportsmanship, team play and love of the sport.
  • To create and maintain grade-level programs focused on teaching fundamental skills and providing challenging competition appropriate for the players' skill and athletic level, while maintaining focus on team concept and individual leadership development.
  • To create a challenging, engaging, learning environment where children of differing levels of skill and physical development can learn and enjoy the game of lacrosse.
  • To provide equal attention and support to all participants.
  • To engage adults and experienced high school players to teach, coach and referee the scrimmages and games

Mason Lacrosse Club Board of Directors
Adopted on January 5, 2009